Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Tribute to K-Pop

I posted about K-pop once ages ago, here, and recently, I've been really into it even more. Despite the fact that most of the songs are in Korean, Japanese, and occasionally Chinese, the thing about K-pop? It is always bouncy, dancy and really fun. Note to you guys - The List of songs at the bottom of the post are all specially K-Pop for this post, but I couldn't do a paragraph about all of these equally great artists! Take a listen to every song!

I think the most famous of all K-Pop girl groups is Wonder Girls. I'm sure this is because they have a fair amount of songs in English, unlike many other groups, and appeal to a larger demographic. One of their more recent songs is called Like Money ft Akon, and has a very futuristic video and sound effects, but not to the point where it drowns out the signature K-pop sound. It's been said that Wonder Girls have recently "Americanized" their music, since they had to make the song The DJ is Mine ft. School Gyrls (which I am TOTALLY addicted to, by the way) for TeenNick TV, but I think that although their sound is different, it isn't like American or European artists. The two above songs have attracted criticism for their different sound, but I love just as much as their previous, VERY K-Pop songs, such as Two Different TearsNobody and So Hot. If, unlike me, you like listening to songs in different languages, there are even more - songs like Be My Baby and Like This among them.

Another fantastic Girl Band is 4minute. Not only are their videos ah-mazing, but even though it drives me crazy when I can't sing along to lyrics, I love to listen to their Korean songs. Take a listen to Volume Up and you'll see what I mean. Once you're properly addicted, listen to a Japanese single, called Why, or Love TensionReady Go is even more sound packed than the previous three. If you hear English verses, then to clear up confusion - it's pretty common to have English words or a chorus mixed in.

For my first male artist in this post would be Se7en. I was definitely caught by his name, and although I tend to like the girl band formation of K-pop, his single Girls ft. Lil Kim receives my approval. I don't enjoy listening to his songs in Korean as much, except for When I Can't Sing, which sounds romantic and sentimental even without words.

Girl's Generation, also a very famous girl group, has only one English song, but The Boys is good enough to make you desperately want more. Twinkle  features an interesting mix of an old fashioned vibe with an electronic topper. Even when one can't understand the words to Hoot, the complete sass dripping off makes it a very enjoyable listen. Mr. Taxi, while not quite as good as The Boys, is a fun beat, and one that I'm willing to listen to in Korean.

K-Pop Swag List

2NE1 - Can't Nobody
Sistar - Alone
Kara - Step
Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker
Orange Caramel - Magic Girl

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