Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy crap. Lay All Your Love On Me is this amazing song, originally by ABBA, but I think the duo Sylver does it over pretty well. It sounds a bit like Greensleeves when she sings it so delicately. Their own song It's My Life is equally as sweet. In fact, I'm positive anything they did would be sweet just because of her voice. I love them so much, and they are - or at least should be - in every decent pop lovers library.

I'm really glad that I had Infernal on my list, because I run a serious risk of posting only soft singers that are more soulful. Their awesome hit From Paris to Berlin is the best song to sing along to and I guarantee i'll be singing it everywhere I go  for a while. Let's go Infernal!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I just stumbled upon this song, and I'm so glad I did! It's called No I.D. by Frankmusik ft. Colette Carr.The music video is especially good, its a replay of Grease...there isn't any actual meaning to the song, but oh well! The best songs have good beats, and at one point words fade away...

I hope you love September, because I do. I was hanging out on youtube and saw Party in My Head. It's this awesome dance track and I really can't resist moving around when I listen to it. I can promise you that this is on my most listened to playlist. It doesn't hurt that September's got a great voice as well. A bunch of my other loves by her are Resuscitate Me and Intimate Connection. To those rare people who miss out on September, fix that!
I think the best word to describe Olly Murs is "cute". He was the runner-up on the sixth series of The X Factor, and honestly he deserved it. Dance With Me Tonight is sort of old-fashioned, and it's definitely not modern club music, but in the privacy of your own home it's really pleasant. I played this while cleaning my desk and that made it so much more pleasant. I think its my favorite of his, but Olly Murs is worth purchasing.

I have to say, I have been WAITING for LaDolla. She was once in Sugababes and a lot of people say she was the best one. Anyways, I like her, and she just came out with something! I've seen other blogs going crazy with this too, so you can bet this is a pretty big deal. Its Vox Halo - Criminal ft. LaDolla, and i know it says its by Vox Halo, but I don't know what that's about. All I know is that LaDolla is the only one to sing it and she's AWESOME! Yay LaDolla!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

For all those Beyonce lovers, here's someone to add to your undoubtedly already full library. Make way for Mutya Buena. Mutya is GORGEOUS first of all. That always helps. But even more beautiful is her voice. Honestly, Beyonce is more soothing music for me, I don't listen to her a lot. But Mutya is so good, I just listened to her so much like for a week. So that's why she's here. She also used to be in the Sugababes, who will definitely post about later. I had a really hard time choosing songs, but I'm going to give you Wonderful, it's amazing.

On the other side of the pop spectrum in Anjulie. I am personally a big fan of hers, and I love her song Brand New Bitch. I almost want to hack into Billboards system to announce this song to be number one, because it so deserves that sweet spot. Go Anjulie!
An interesting trend that I've seen with some friends, a magazine and other blogs. Believe it or not, K-pop! Yup. As it turns out, I like K-pop. I'm not a worshiper like some people I know, but the singers always have sweet voices and are literally a genre of their own.

If anyone heard of K-pop at all, probably of the Wonder Girls. They have multiple songs in English (yay!) and got featured in Teen Vogue at one point. My personal favorite of theirs is Nobody, really catchy tune. Loooove it!

So I'm featuring two girl groups. But just because it's K-pop! I like the female K-pop groups better for some reason...the only reason I could ever NOT like Girls Generation is because they only have one song in English, which disappoints me. But they are so good, they will definitely have more. That one English song is The Boys and its so good, and the music video is really well made too. Actually, something important about Girl's Generation: there's nine of them, and somehow they fit every single one of them in the song equally. I just have to say, that is really impressive.

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Regrets is Dappy's first solo single. I'm posting it a bit late, it came out two months ago, but to anyone who hasn't heard it, listen! It's got this great beat, and even if it doesn't sound great at the beginning, just keep going. I can't help but move along to it, it's addicting.

The Saturdays are also a really dancy group. They've been around for a while, but their next album, On Your Radar, just came out and I am so happy about it. There's a great mix of relaxed tunes like My Heart Takes Over and really cool dancy fun ones like Notorious. It's classic The Saturdays, and I give this album a double thumbs up.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm in a romantic mood, and a song that's perfect for serenading is Brian McFadden's Like Only A Woman Can. It brings to mind super cheesy modern musicals where teens are convinced they found true love, but when you're in a romantic's just the best thing ever.

Whoever has not heard of Vanessa Amorosi had better fix that.  Vanessa's voice is super rich and while it sounds like those singers who usually do country, her style is definitely NOT country. Blow Me Away is so much fun to dance to and sing along too, I can picture it being a huge hit at a party.Until then, I have to wonder why it's not on Billboard.
I wasn't planning to do anybody who was a comeback, but obviously I should not narrow myself. Aqua has come back as a comeback with a new album called Megalomania. The thing about Aqua is that Lene Nystrom has a bit of an annoying voice, but the songs are so good that it honestly doesn't matter. Sucker For A Superstar is most like their old stuff, and although this album isn't as awesome, that song in particular is.

Kay, a Canadian rap/pop artist is making me really happy. She's only released one song, My Name Is Kay, which in the chorus reminds me of the Ting Tings but she is infinitely better than them. She's also not a cliche rapping thing like a lot of other wannabe's and her mixing of genre's is great.

I think my figuring out how to link things five seconds ago merits a celebration in the form of Cory Lee. I'm not going to even bother to pick out a song. She's that good. There isn't too much there, but Best Shot is my recommendation. She's bouncy and while not the most original, it's good.
A lot of the people I find are signed, but not really well known. Well, this chick Allison Iraheta has her own VEVO, and she was placed fourth on American Idol. My personal favorite of hers is Friday I'll Be Over You, it's really catchy and a bit wilder than her other stuff. It actually reminds my of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.

A really new voice! Rita Ora has a bit of a Rihanna thing going on, but even if you don't like Rihanna, give Rita a try. She's been signed by Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation. She hasn't actually released anything, but when she does, she's something to look for.

The Wanted. What I'm really excited about is finally finding a band of guys that isn't a boy band or the Beatles. Male vocals are hard to find that are good and unknown. Their song Warzone is awesome and has me in love, and let me say - not owning them is a mistake.

Video is half of it

I have to say, once I see the video to the music, it can ruin or enhance it. FOR EXAMPLE. The video to Jasmine Sagginario's Make a Movie. The video makes me want to cry but the song is so weirdly...compelling. Why is it so weird? Because the song isn't actually very good, her voice is covered by electronics. BUT IT WORKS. How weird, right? I'd have to give it a 6/10.

On the opposite note, Belinda's Dopamina. First off, I'm prejudiced against Dopamina because I can't understand it. So that's a bad point, but the beat is great, and if it were in English I would love it. But the music video is FANTASTIC. Her dancing is a bit weird though. If it was English, probably an 8/10. Here's the video!

For my third featured video, I'm going to present the not good and not bad one, aka the cliche. Livvi Franc ft. Pitbull, in I'm That Bitch, is Livvi in barely there outfits on a couch made of men, stripping off her rope and playing bondage with a red ribbon. Done and overdone, but captivating all the same. still, you should put the song in your library, its got a really great beat.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I don't really know where to I'm putting up my favorite songs of the hour.

1. Kaci Battaglia - Body Shots
house roots, four-on-the-floor beats, beat made for dancing, straight drum beats and a female vocal

2. Girlicious - Stupid S***
r & b influences, danceable grooves, a subtle use of vocal counterpoint, a subtle use of vocal harmony and mild rhythmic syncopation.
Be Warned: Explicit

3. Christian TV - When She Turns 18
male vocal, bouncy, dance beat, club dancing, guitar based, mildly electronic

4. Ke$ha - Blow
electronica influences, disco influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, extensive vamping and minor key tonality.