Sunday, November 20, 2011

Video is half of it

I have to say, once I see the video to the music, it can ruin or enhance it. FOR EXAMPLE. The video to Jasmine Sagginario's Make a Movie. The video makes me want to cry but the song is so weirdly...compelling. Why is it so weird? Because the song isn't actually very good, her voice is covered by electronics. BUT IT WORKS. How weird, right? I'd have to give it a 6/10.

On the opposite note, Belinda's Dopamina. First off, I'm prejudiced against Dopamina because I can't understand it. So that's a bad point, but the beat is great, and if it were in English I would love it. But the music video is FANTASTIC. Her dancing is a bit weird though. If it was English, probably an 8/10. Here's the video!

For my third featured video, I'm going to present the not good and not bad one, aka the cliche. Livvi Franc ft. Pitbull, in I'm That Bitch, is Livvi in barely there outfits on a couch made of men, stripping off her rope and playing bondage with a red ribbon. Done and overdone, but captivating all the same. still, you should put the song in your library, its got a really great beat.

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