Thursday, April 18, 2013

Becky G new release

Now that I'm finally back, it's just in time to announce Becky G's new single, Becky From The Block. Unlike her previous collaborations with and Cher Lloyd, this single is less pop and more rap. It isn't rap in a generic way, and it's nothing like Colette Carr's style either. The song is about her background, but also how she will always remember that she's "Becky from the block". The song starts out pretty well, with a catchy rapping beat, and gets progressively better as it goes on. What I also live is that when she throws out phrases like "yo" or "west side" it doesn't sound weak like it does with wannabe rappers. Becky has really talent, and hopefully she'll incorporate some more poo and release an album soon!

I guess Elle King isn't "technically" pop, but her mix of genres turns out to be very cool sounding and not at all weird. When making music that mixes R&B with rock, country and soul, it's easy to make your music sound silly or boring. But my favorite one of her songs is also her most popular one, and for a good reason. Playing for keeps doesn't sound pop, but the vibe is so easy to sing and dance to that it may as well be. Her first full album is coming out this year, and the mix should be eclectic and fun.