Monday, December 26, 2011

Although Kaci Battaglia is my guilty pleasure, Sinead O' Connor has always been my favorite artist. She isn't really what a lot of people call pop, although she does that a lot too. Her songs "Madinka" and "Troy" were huge hits in the 1980's, and although she's and old name, she's familiar to a lot of people everywhere. But the best part is that she's coming out with a new single, and a new album for February 2012. It's called How About I Be Me, and is amazingly beautiful, though more reggae than pop. Still, put the album on your wishlist until it comes out!

Even if you don't think you know Jojo, you definitely do. Her first single was Leave (Get Out), and at age 13, she became the youngest person to have a number one single on Billboard. So I am personally super excited to see her come back at age 20. Her new album is also coming out in early 2012, and her preview single is called Disaster. It definitely doesn't have as bubbly a feeling as Leave (Get Out), but it is still very Jojo!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Although Diana Vickers is usually too indie for me, since I don't like indie pretty much at all, her song The Boy Who Murdered Love really is way more pop than her usual stuff, so I give it a VIP pass. My main decision was from listening to the chorus, which is really catchy, "Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot like a bullet, Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop oh you love it, No, no, no, no, no now you've done it oh, You're the boy who murdered love..." It just grabbed me. Although it isn't my favorite song of all time, its something that i really like to listen to, so go ahead and listen!

Call Me Maybe is such a cute song, it just gets the feeling of every girl who has given a guy her number, but he won't call her. Its sort of hopeless, but since most of Carly Rae's stuff is really folk-y, its always a treasure to find a song I like from someone with such a great voice.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I sort of feel bad for not posting about them yet, so I put them at the TOP of my list. A new boy-girl band! Finally! I cannot emphasize the difficulty in finding bands that are not always Saturdays or The Wanted clones or Aqua clones. BUT. I present... Luminites! Their first song is called All Dressed Up and its really great. There is both male and female vocals, so there is this AWESOME balance right there. It just makes me really happy and I can't wait for them to make more!

There is nothing more irritating than that occasional tv star who wants to make more money and therefore makes a song, which people buy because of the star in question, but the song actually is awful. So I don't actually know Keke Palmers reason to make this, but it isn't horrible! Its actually good! No advertisement meant here, but she is coming out with a movie about now where she sings in a gospel group, so that means something right? Maybe not, now that I think of High School Musical, but Bottoms Up is good enough to buy on itunes, so I recommend putting that on your to-do list.

Monday, December 12, 2011

If you've ever heard Jessica Mabouy, you know what I mean when I say she's so casual with her sound. The way she sings is almost careless - just throwing off words, but it isn't rap, because they have a tune. But her song Inescapable also has it spot on - the tune really is stuck in your head and completely addictive. Its got a great balance of electro-pop and hip hop as well, and whenever she comes out with a new album, I get excited!

For all those lovers, fans, or whoevers that like songs like Get Low or Low, or even if you think they're cool at high school dances and thats it, then listen to Ester Dean, Drop It Low. She's like all of that but the FEMALE version. She's got some serious swag goin on, and although for the past year she's been mainly a songwriter hopefully that means she's keeping the best songs for herself!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To anyone that has watched Jersey Shore, the song RoBoDic by Bobble Head might be familiar to you. Bobble Head is VERY electronic, to a point where it's past auto-tune to it being the whole style of the music. Its very electro-pop, and I can't pick a favorite song, but this one is most well known!

I have to admit my guilty pleasure. Some people say that its super generic pop and therefore not worth noticing, but I love it so much that I just can't help it! Her name is Kaci Battaglia, formerly known as just Kaci. My favorite song of hers, and the one that shot her to fame by featuring Ludacris, is Body Shots. Admittedly, the video is very generic, and very lacking of clothes, but what can I say? Next is the first song of the newly done Kaci Battaglia song that I heard, called Crazy Possesive. This version is clean, but theres definitely swearing in the original version. Just listen and you'll get the whole guilty pleasure thing!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Probably one of my reasons for loving Medina is her super cool haircut. But all of them other than that have to do with her music. I have to admit that Addiction is my love, and I literally want to sing it out loud, and once I remember all the words, I will! Gutter is, on a different note, extraordinarily dramatic and sad, but not a ballad. She somehow combines bouncy pop and ballads into a slow moving pop song that is, as far as my diction at the moment limits me to, elegant.

I feel like Ed Sheeran is actually pretty similar to a bunch of artists, but I honestly couldn't think of any names. The first song of his that I heard is Lego House, and every now and then, his British accent shows up and i is SO CUTE! Even if I wasn't a sucker for accents, I would really like Ed...and I am really surprised this isn't playing on the radio, I can almost hear the host saying "and that was Ed Sheeran, "Lego House"..." Honestly! How do they choose those artists anyways?
That feeling when a cool artist comes out with their first album in three years - that's what fans of Jessie and the Toy Boys felt this year. Naughty is a cool song with a really electronic beat, and although her swearing is completely unnecessary, by the time it gets to the chorus, I'm snapping and dancing as much as I can while sitting on my couch. It's not to everyone's taste, but those who like it better snap Jessie up, because she's getting bigger all the time!

Important Notification: Anyone who, for some inexplicable reason,  hasn't heard or listened to Alexis Jordan, play her single Happiness and sink immediately into a world of a beautiful beat and a beautiful voice. Now that you've fallen in love with that, get this newer single, Hush Hush. It starts out slower, but it's an amazing song. Alexis Jordan is one of those artists who I put on my watchlist, because I know that all the stuff she puts out will be amazing.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I really hope that everyone is in the mood for some of that goodness pretty boy pop from wherever! I have loved them so much because they were the FIRST cute boy band I've seen without gelled hair, but have the same sound as the ones with crunchy hair. For fans of Bruno Mars and New Boyz, whose Better with the Lights Off is I think HIGH-LARIOUS because of that lyric...(what does it even mean?). So I think that their collaboration with Dev was genius, so I'm just gonna give you the video here - clickclickclick. The only problem is that with their whole stylized Jonas brothers thing going, they sort of seem like jerks...but the music doesn't reflect that, so play on!

If you like Britney Spears, then I get your style. Myah Marie has such a familiar style that it's almost scary, like clones, bu their style is SO DIFFERENT. Myah has a song full of swear words and dirty thoughts. Stilleto Sex is strictly PG-13, so remember that before you purchase Britney lovers! I Like It Loud is far less provocative but no less bouncy and Myah Marie style. A fan said of this song, and a direct quote from youtube, "The looks of Demi Lovato and the sound of Britney Spears and attitude of Nicki Minaj; can't go wrong :D" I know when I'm moving to the beat that it's a winner, and Myah Marie has a gold trophy.

Monday, December 5, 2011

In all honesty, usually I'm not Staci Orrico's biggest fan, her music is a little to gospel-ly for my tastes. But when my friend FINALLY convinced me to listen to Stuck, and I love it. No, really, it's awesome. It's more pop-py and bouncy, and it has that old beginning of 2000 vibe that I know you guys miss so much because of it's greatness. Even if you don't like Staci, give this song a try, because i know you will LOVE it. Its just so so much awesomeness. Go on.

If you got irritated when you saw the picture, I GET IT. I would be in shock in the audiences position. But please read on! First, forgive me for featuring Disney Stars, especially ones who don't actually have great voices. I admit that. But not every song has to have a great singer in order to be a great ok song! Remember that. Example...Watch Me. I have to admit that Bella Thorne and Zendaya are auto-tuned more than any other song you have heard in your life, including the Black-Eyed Peas, but despite that, the songwriters did the job in getting catchy lyrics and a really fun tune. I find myself smiling against my will while watching the video. If nothing else, it really is a good work out song. If you're still upset, then compare it to Jam (Turn it Up). Aaaah, you like it now, don't you?