Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I sort of feel bad for not posting about them yet, so I put them at the TOP of my list. A new boy-girl band! Finally! I cannot emphasize the difficulty in finding bands that are not always Saturdays or The Wanted clones or Aqua clones. BUT. I present... Luminites! Their first song is called All Dressed Up and its really great. There is both male and female vocals, so there is this AWESOME balance right there. It just makes me really happy and I can't wait for them to make more!

There is nothing more irritating than that occasional tv star who wants to make more money and therefore makes a song, which people buy because of the star in question, but the song actually is awful. So I don't actually know Keke Palmers reason to make this, but it isn't horrible! Its actually good! No advertisement meant here, but she is coming out with a movie about now where she sings in a gospel group, so that means something right? Maybe not, now that I think of High School Musical, but Bottoms Up is good enough to buy on itunes, so I recommend putting that on your to-do list.

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