Thursday, December 8, 2011

That feeling when a cool artist comes out with their first album in three years - that's what fans of Jessie and the Toy Boys felt this year. Naughty is a cool song with a really electronic beat, and although her swearing is completely unnecessary, by the time it gets to the chorus, I'm snapping and dancing as much as I can while sitting on my couch. It's not to everyone's taste, but those who like it better snap Jessie up, because she's getting bigger all the time!

Important Notification: Anyone who, for some inexplicable reason,  hasn't heard or listened to Alexis Jordan, play her single Happiness and sink immediately into a world of a beautiful beat and a beautiful voice. Now that you've fallen in love with that, get this newer single, Hush Hush. It starts out slower, but it's an amazing song. Alexis Jordan is one of those artists who I put on my watchlist, because I know that all the stuff she puts out will be amazing.

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