Monday, December 26, 2011

Although Kaci Battaglia is my guilty pleasure, Sinead O' Connor has always been my favorite artist. She isn't really what a lot of people call pop, although she does that a lot too. Her songs "Madinka" and "Troy" were huge hits in the 1980's, and although she's and old name, she's familiar to a lot of people everywhere. But the best part is that she's coming out with a new single, and a new album for February 2012. It's called How About I Be Me, and is amazingly beautiful, though more reggae than pop. Still, put the album on your wishlist until it comes out!

Even if you don't think you know Jojo, you definitely do. Her first single was Leave (Get Out), and at age 13, she became the youngest person to have a number one single on Billboard. So I am personally super excited to see her come back at age 20. Her new album is also coming out in early 2012, and her preview single is called Disaster. It definitely doesn't have as bubbly a feeling as Leave (Get Out), but it is still very Jojo!

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