Thursday, December 8, 2011

Probably one of my reasons for loving Medina is her super cool haircut. But all of them other than that have to do with her music. I have to admit that Addiction is my love, and I literally want to sing it out loud, and once I remember all the words, I will! Gutter is, on a different note, extraordinarily dramatic and sad, but not a ballad. She somehow combines bouncy pop and ballads into a slow moving pop song that is, as far as my diction at the moment limits me to, elegant.

I feel like Ed Sheeran is actually pretty similar to a bunch of artists, but I honestly couldn't think of any names. The first song of his that I heard is Lego House, and every now and then, his British accent shows up and i is SO CUTE! Even if I wasn't a sucker for accents, I would really like Ed...and I am really surprised this isn't playing on the radio, I can almost hear the host saying "and that was Ed Sheeran, "Lego House"..." Honestly! How do they choose those artists anyways?

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