Sunday, December 18, 2011

Although Diana Vickers is usually too indie for me, since I don't like indie pretty much at all, her song The Boy Who Murdered Love really is way more pop than her usual stuff, so I give it a VIP pass. My main decision was from listening to the chorus, which is really catchy, "Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot like a bullet, Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop oh you love it, No, no, no, no, no now you've done it oh, You're the boy who murdered love..." It just grabbed me. Although it isn't my favorite song of all time, its something that i really like to listen to, so go ahead and listen!

Call Me Maybe is such a cute song, it just gets the feeling of every girl who has given a guy her number, but he won't call her. Its sort of hopeless, but since most of Carly Rae's stuff is really folk-y, its always a treasure to find a song I like from someone with such a great voice.


  1. I bet you're happy to have known about Carly before the rest of us! ;)

  2. Yeah, when I first heard how it was moving up I got so excited!