Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pop to See

She isn't the most original chick in the world. But her music does appeal. I'm talking about Rye Rye, who is the next Nicki Minaj, and she has the wigs, moves and voice to prove it. I actually prefer her to Nicki, by far. Check out Rye Rye for sure if you like Super Bass or Starships, but not Beez in the Trap, then look at Rye Rye's Sunshine ft. M.I.A. and Never Will Be Mine ft. Robyn. Yeah, the only difference pretty much is in name, but Rye Rye is a good alternative! Her album, Go! Pop! Bang! will be released this year, featuring many high-profile artists, such as MIA, Robyn, Akon, and Tyga.

Remember Cover Drive and my despair at the lack of their release in America? Well, it won't be released in the U.S., but you can either buy the standard edition off of Amazon or change the country on iTunes, and see how the currency thing goes. Anyway, Bajan Style is being released May 7th, and I have never been so excited for an album release, not even Natalia Kill's Perfectionist. I absolutely adore Sparks and I also enjoy the B-Side of Sparks, called What I Like. Of course, I love Lick Ya Down and Twilight just as much. I can't choose, its all so amazing!

Coming all the way from beautiful Australia, I give you Jamie McDell. Who is not, despite the sound, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift fans should enjoy, she sounds a lot like our girl, but less country, and she definitely has her own style enough to differentiate. You'll Never Take That Away is a perfect example of her similarities to Taylor, but of her individuality as well.

Friday, April 27, 2012

All Sorts of Pop

Now that I've shamefully broken my promise to be back the next day, and I've finished almost all of my other work, time for another post! I've found a gem this time, and I'm SO glad, thanks to my wonderful friend, PopMaze (love you babe). Nikki of Soundgirl has decided to go solo. Which, let me tell you, has my happiness bar reaching the top. I love her song Intro Intro, the song and the video are equally fun and playful.

When I hear Cinnamon Girl, I wonder why more people haven't heard of her. She isn't well known at all, so let's see how posting this does. Her song Friends is very chaotic.  There are a lot of electric sounds as well as drums, guitars, and vocals, It isn't too bad, and I recommend you try it at least.

Once again, my late conduct is disgraceful. Here's a new artist! To be honest, I'm finding myself toeing my indie rule. Jessie Ware is technically pop, but it has that feel to it. If I could bu it in the U.S., it wouldn't be one of my most played songs, but still on a few playlists. 110% is a rather strange songs in a few respects, but I like it!

Swag Playlist
Elmo - I'm Elmo and I Know It
Colette Carr - We Do It (Primo)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Tumblr

Sorry I haven't posted in so long you guys! I'll be back tomorrow, promise. Just wanted to announce my tumblr! I'm doing a "Song of the Day", so if I don't have time for a post, I'll just give a song, sort of like my Swag List, but more recent stuff. The link is

Really hope you visit!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Pop

Queen of Hearts just released her new single! It's called Neon, and it is very much electronic pop. The first stanza sounds way more electronic, but by the time the chorus rolls around, the pop factor is very clear. Enjoy! She's releasing two songs on one disk on May 14th, and one is Neon, the other is named Tears In The Rain, written by Stefan Storm! I really love Neon, and I can't wait to hear Tears In The Rain.

Aleesia has also just released her album Girl Talk! I haven't been able to find the song Girl Talk, but the preview for the album features a little bit of the song here. She isn't the greatest, to be honest. I'd give her a 57% like, but after hearing that clip of Girl Talk, I feel like she has potential, which isn't showing through her other songs. Life of the Party isn't horrible, but it isn't the greatest either. But from what I've heard of her other stuff, she has way better songs, and it will be interesting to see whether she gets better or is just a flash in the pan.

Swag Playlist
V Factory - Love Struck
Karamel - Underwear
AnnaGrace - Don't Let Go
BC Jean - I'll Survive You
Brooke Valentine - Girl Fight

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Pop On the Scene

With Under 87,000 views on all her Youtube videos combined, Starshell is an under appreciated new artist. Her first single of her debut album (to be named Liberation), Birthday Girl, is a super cool song, but not quite as pop-py as SupaLuva, a previous single that has accrued most of the Youtube views that Starshell has. She has a very sweet voice that could very easily do any genre she wished, so we're lucky she chose pop. I see great potential for her, and I'm excited to see what else she has for us.

My next find: Zowie. Her single Smash It is a hint as to what's coming up on her debut album this year. To all watchers of the show "Pretty Little Liars", beware: that song will be eerily familiar. To hear something newer, listen to My Calculator, also on her album, which is coming out late April 2012. She looks a lot like Jessie j if only for the skin and hair coloring, and their music is actually a bit similar, so f you're a fan of Jessie J, check her out. If you aren't, go anyway.

Swag Playlist
Anya - Fool Me
September - Me and My Microphone
Jessie J - Laserlight
Kat Graham - Put Your Graffiti on Me
Kimberly Cole - Smack You

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coming Up Pop

I think I should first alert ya'll to a new blog. I really like it - I look at other blogs a lot for inspiration, whether it be artists or design. So far it's new, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what PopMaze has for us, at

Everyone here know VersaEmerge? If you do or don't, that's cool. VersaEmerge is this rocking band,  and they are coming out with a new album this year! I don't know the name of the album yet, but there are some super cool clips on their Facebook page that sound very outer-spacey and super cool. They aren't pure rock, but aren't pure pop either - therefore, they must be pop-rock. My favorite song of theirs is Fixed At Zero, and it's a true sample of what they do.

It's actually embarrassing how much I love Cady Groves. Her debut song is called This Little Girl, which has been released as a single, and the full album doesn't have a specific release date, but I have to tell you, this song has been replayed on my computer so many times that I think my speakers are going to break. So unless you have time, don't play this song yet - I first listened to it three days ago and I have to resist playing it on my phone at school!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming Up Pop

Yet another story about hearing a song I blogged about! It wasn't in a store, but while on a train I sat by a man, to hear familiar music from his earbuds. I glanced at his screen, and saw that he was listening to Prom Night by Jeffree Star, and he was bouncing his leg to it and mouthing the words. It was so great, I almost asked him about it, but I was too shy. I'm definitely getting the hang of this pop!

Every time I forget about the Saturdays to find a new artist (or ten), they pop right back up again! Their new single is called 30 Days. It isn't their best stuff, I still really enjoy Notorious, and the tune in the beginning is weirdly familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. The news is this - if they're putting out a new single, they're putting out a new album as well. I'm looking around for when it's coming out, all I know is that it'll come out 2012 (thank goodness!).

As far as Valora goes, their album I Waited For YOu is coming out tomorrow, April 3rd! Valora is a bit more rock than I usually listen too, put while other bloggers write about indie-pop, I do pop-rock, so it fits. My favorite of theirs is Extreme, but the new single I Waited For You is really good. If iTunes was a live store, there would be a line for their next album. Make sure you're in it!

A third bit - since I don't have a song to present with it - is that the original Sugababes are getting back together, according to an article in The Sun right here. Just so you know! I'll give more information once they start recording, and I am SO pumped for this.

Swag List
Naomi Scott - She's So Gone
Lucy Hale - Bless Myself
Jessica Lowndes - I Wish I Was Gay
Malese Jow - You Had It All
Cascada - Bad Boy