Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming Up Pop

Yet another story about hearing a song I blogged about! It wasn't in a store, but while on a train I sat by a man, to hear familiar music from his earbuds. I glanced at his screen, and saw that he was listening to Prom Night by Jeffree Star, and he was bouncing his leg to it and mouthing the words. It was so great, I almost asked him about it, but I was too shy. I'm definitely getting the hang of this pop!

Every time I forget about the Saturdays to find a new artist (or ten), they pop right back up again! Their new single is called 30 Days. It isn't their best stuff, I still really enjoy Notorious, and the tune in the beginning is weirdly familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. The news is this - if they're putting out a new single, they're putting out a new album as well. I'm looking around for when it's coming out, all I know is that it'll come out 2012 (thank goodness!).

As far as Valora goes, their album I Waited For YOu is coming out tomorrow, April 3rd! Valora is a bit more rock than I usually listen too, put while other bloggers write about indie-pop, I do pop-rock, so it fits. My favorite of theirs is Extreme, but the new single I Waited For You is really good. If iTunes was a live store, there would be a line for their next album. Make sure you're in it!

A third bit - since I don't have a song to present with it - is that the original Sugababes are getting back together, according to an article in The Sun right here. Just so you know! I'll give more information once they start recording, and I am SO pumped for this.

Swag List
Naomi Scott - She's So Gone
Lucy Hale - Bless Myself
Jessica Lowndes - I Wish I Was Gay
Malese Jow - You Had It All
Cascada - Bad Boy

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