Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Pop On the Scene

With Under 87,000 views on all her Youtube videos combined, Starshell is an under appreciated new artist. Her first single of her debut album (to be named Liberation), Birthday Girl, is a super cool song, but not quite as pop-py as SupaLuva, a previous single that has accrued most of the Youtube views that Starshell has. She has a very sweet voice that could very easily do any genre she wished, so we're lucky she chose pop. I see great potential for her, and I'm excited to see what else she has for us.

My next find: Zowie. Her single Smash It is a hint as to what's coming up on her debut album this year. To all watchers of the show "Pretty Little Liars", beware: that song will be eerily familiar. To hear something newer, listen to My Calculator, also on her album, which is coming out late April 2012. She looks a lot like Jessie j if only for the skin and hair coloring, and their music is actually a bit similar, so f you're a fan of Jessie J, check her out. If you aren't, go anyway.

Swag Playlist
Anya - Fool Me
September - Me and My Microphone
Jessie J - Laserlight
Kat Graham - Put Your Graffiti on Me
Kimberly Cole - Smack You

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