Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pop to See

She isn't the most original chick in the world. But her music does appeal. I'm talking about Rye Rye, who is the next Nicki Minaj, and she has the wigs, moves and voice to prove it. I actually prefer her to Nicki, by far. Check out Rye Rye for sure if you like Super Bass or Starships, but not Beez in the Trap, then look at Rye Rye's Sunshine ft. M.I.A. and Never Will Be Mine ft. Robyn. Yeah, the only difference pretty much is in name, but Rye Rye is a good alternative! Her album, Go! Pop! Bang! will be released this year, featuring many high-profile artists, such as MIA, Robyn, Akon, and Tyga.

Remember Cover Drive and my despair at the lack of their release in America? Well, it won't be released in the U.S., but you can either buy the standard edition off of Amazon or change the country on iTunes, and see how the currency thing goes. Anyway, Bajan Style is being released May 7th, and I have never been so excited for an album release, not even Natalia Kill's Perfectionist. I absolutely adore Sparks and I also enjoy the B-Side of Sparks, called What I Like. Of course, I love Lick Ya Down and Twilight just as much. I can't choose, its all so amazing!

Coming all the way from beautiful Australia, I give you Jamie McDell. Who is not, despite the sound, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift fans should enjoy, she sounds a lot like our girl, but less country, and she definitely has her own style enough to differentiate. You'll Never Take That Away is a perfect example of her similarities to Taylor, but of her individuality as well.

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