Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coming Up Pop

I think I should first alert ya'll to a new blog. I really like it - I look at other blogs a lot for inspiration, whether it be artists or design. So far it's new, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what PopMaze has for us, at

Everyone here know VersaEmerge? If you do or don't, that's cool. VersaEmerge is this rocking band,  and they are coming out with a new album this year! I don't know the name of the album yet, but there are some super cool clips on their Facebook page that sound very outer-spacey and super cool. They aren't pure rock, but aren't pure pop either - therefore, they must be pop-rock. My favorite song of theirs is Fixed At Zero, and it's a true sample of what they do.

It's actually embarrassing how much I love Cady Groves. Her debut song is called This Little Girl, which has been released as a single, and the full album doesn't have a specific release date, but I have to tell you, this song has been replayed on my computer so many times that I think my speakers are going to break. So unless you have time, don't play this song yet - I first listened to it three days ago and I have to resist playing it on my phone at school!

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  1. Thankyou very much! Your blog's great too, by the way ;)
    Just wondering, how do you change the text font? I can't seem to do it :/