Sunday, November 25, 2012

DNA review

Full Album Here

Since I was gone so long, I missed the release of Little Mix's album DNA. Read on to see what I think.

Wings - I love this song. It's very strong and the perfect starter, as it shows off their great style and powerful voices. They deserved to win X Factor, and this song proves that.

DNA - the starting chords creeped me out, because I am creeped out by music boxes. But once the vocals started, I loved this song. People have called Little Mix the female One Direction, but the thing about Little Mix is that their individual voices aren't just good, they are POWERFUL. I wouldn't say this is the best song, but it is good enough to merit the title of the album. Furthermore, the music video = stunning, and a whole new image of Little Mix.

Change Your Life - Everything about this is a good song. First off, as an American I love it when anybody from the UK speaks in their songs, because their accents are gorgeous. This song is absolutely beautiful and I can't for it to be performed live, because its one of those songs - good to perform, good to sing.

Always Be Together - This song makes me so emotional. It belongs on the soundtrack of a movie. This is so far my favorite song on the album because even though it isn't dancy, it is beautiful.

Stereo Soldier - Cue in the cheesy song name. Unfortunately, this song does not live up to the rest of the standards that the rest of the album has put up, which is too bad, but hey - every album has at least one song that just isn't as good. I would probably like it if I heard it first without any other Little Mix beauty around it, but since I did hear it after Always Be Together, I see that it's weaker than the other songs.

Pretend It's OK - This song, I feel, is the epitome of Little Mix style. Once again, Little Mix were made to perform, and this song fits that perfectly. I love how there is never one person who is dominant, but rather, their voices work together.

Turn Your Face - I wanted to like this song. I really did. It reminds me slightly of Demi Lovato's Skyscraper,  only less so. Sorry girls, I can't give you this one.

We Are Who We Are - After Turn Your Face, this sounds remarkably One Direction-ish. Only with the Little Mix remix (ha, ha). I really like this song - maybe because i'm a sucker for songs that say "I'm perfect the way I am", but I felt like I heard more intensity in the song from the singers, like they mean what they're singing, which, as we all know, is pretty important.

How Ya Doin'? - My first thoughts were that this song was very bizarre. The whole thing with the leaving of the message, and the so not 21st style beginning, I was a bit confused and not a big fan. But as the song progresses, though the lyrics are not very good, the tune and beat are, so it makes up for it.

Red Planet (ft. T-Boz) - Our first featured artist for Little Mix! Hooray! This song basically = E.T. by Katy Perry, as far as the chorus music goes, though naturally, Little Mix's lyrics are far less explicit. It sounds a bit messy though, and I can't see it being very popular.

Going Nowhere - Unlike Turn Your Face, I was NOT a fan in the beginning. However, I have taken a yen to the Spanish sound and instruments, and it is definitely a sing along song.

Madhouse - whenever I hear the word "madhouse" I can only think of Rihanna's song. This song is nothing like that, and though it is very different it is, I think equally good.

Love Drunk - This one sounds like it came straight from the set of High School Musical or some other cheesy musical movie. No other comment.

Make You Believe - This song is fabulous. From the very opening throughout the rest, the focus is on VOCALS and the sheer power of the members' voices. I love this song and bonus: slightly reminds me of the Cheetah Girls before they went bad.

Case Closed - I love this song. it sounds a little bit like DNA, only less intense. Everything from the very cool title to the chorus to beat is great. This is easily one of the best songs on the album, and would have made a fabulous last song.

Overall, if you are a fan of Little Mix's, you will not be disappointed. They tend to start with weak openings, but by the time it gets to the chorus, the songs are fabulous and oh-so worth it. I think those who like other artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, One Direction, The Wanted, and other artists like so will love Little Mix as well. Those who can't buy it from iTunes, check out the prices for the regular version (missing Love Drunk, Make You Believe, and Case Closed) here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Skitszo Review

Here we are! Skitszo, Part 1 finally released. By now, some of you may have already bought Part 1, and some may be considering it. So here's my review, track by track.

First of all, I love the cover. It would be so cool if all the EP's had different covers since they're gonna all show up as different albums on your iPod anyways, but even if they all shared covers, i'm glad that it looks like this. I feel like if you saw the cover and listened to the songs, it would be a total disconnect.

Full Album Here


I really like this song. The rap lyrics are a little weird and meaningless but the beat and the chorus are fantastic. Bonus: The video for this one is coming out in ten days, and I'm positive it will be very different from the ones that she's done before. (Read: located at a pool party, asylum, sidewalk in a suburb, and on a set made to look like the one from Grease.) With a very cool, very dramatic start, the beat and the attitude of this song never slows down. There is no way you could ever do homework with this playing, and there's no way you can resist the rapped lyrics, but it will take you a while to sing along to anything besides the chorus (I am unable to rap. I am the person who only does the part that is going slower than 100 mph). I wasn't too keen on it at first because its a bit weird, but it's one of the best tracks, and a really good one to start the whole EP with. You can take away almost everything but you'll never take away my heart...


This one doesn't have as god a start to the song as F16, but I have found it easier to fall in love with. The autotune is very clear on this one, but I'm sure it will sound amazing live as well. The lyrics are better than in F16, the beat less so. The chorus isn't as catchy as the previous tracks, but its still pretty good! Unfortunately, I cannot sing along to it, otherwise I will mangle it completely. I could sing in a different key, but girl hits some tricky notes, not too high or too low.


I like this track far better than Delusional. I think it is very catchy, and even though Colette definitely does Pop, it isn't like her other stuff at all. First of all, there is absolutely no rap intertwined with the pop, but don't make the mistake of thinking it sounds like other pop female artists. What I really like is that in the middle, I started to get a bit bored, but all of a sudden, there's this funny little twist in the song, and it ended off on a great note! However, I did get bored in the middle, which simply should not have happened.

Like I Got A Gun ft. YG

Whether you are an avid Colette fan and have heard this track a million times or you've never heard of her in your life, you have not heard the YG new and improved version. His rapping just improves an already good song, and every time I hear it I sing along, this being the one song that I actually can rap along to.

Consensus: 4 Stars of of 5
I love this EP! My only problems are that I think the order should be F16, Killswitch, Like I Got A Gun, Delusional. Delusional and Killswitch are too poppy to be next to each other and give me a bit of a headache when I listen to them consecutively, but that is what iTunes and Spotify playlists are for! There was less rap than I hoped there would be as well, but over all, Colette met my expectations! Yay CCarr!

My favorite songs, in order:
Like I got a Gun ft. YG

Monday, November 5, 2012

Singles and Colette (Finally)

I'm so sorry to have been gone for so long! There was a long, difficult issue in my personal life.

What happens when you mix Dev with Ke$ha, a few random artists, and hair dye? CSS and their video for City Grrrl ft. Ssion. A Brazilian rock band that's been around for a while hasn't caught my attention previously due to their first songs being released in Portuguese. I haven't heard of them releasing another album yet (I'm sure there will be one in 2013), but to those English speakers who have not had the chance to enjoy them yet, look at their songs Left BehindHits Me Like A Rock, and of course Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above.

A song called Famous usually is not unique in any way. It's usually about wanting to be famous (naturally), how one day the singer will be a big star, etc. Well. Let me just say that, as an American, I am a sucker for accents. I don't know if English girls love American accents on guys, but there you guy. That being said, Katy Tiz is not a guy, but she does have an accent. And that makes the song that much better. What's also nice is that the song is not about wanting to be famous, rather, it's about a guy wanting her only because she's famous. Not the most original idea, but her video is cute and I do like the song enough that I think it should definitely have a place of honor in a Spotify playlist.

Happiness is chocolate, a hot drink on a rainy night, crisp morning air, and Colette Carr's album FINALLY being available to pre-order. When I say album, of course I mean The Skitszo Collection. Click the link here, and you'll be able to pre-order her EP installments, get the physical copy, and a cute bottle opener, for 17 American dollars. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!