Monday, February 25, 2013

Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" Early Release

Despite what I said about her new single being released March 4th, Heart Attack was released about 10 hours ago - and is already in the #1 spot in 9 countries. I know I love it - how about you guys?

I'm very excited to hear Demi's new album. Her new music seems to be more passionate, wilder, and just plain amazing. Although I usually feel iffy about songs that use a lot of electronic sounds, I love that Demi doesn't allow the machines to take over her voice, but rather uses it to make it more dance friendly. I really like how she's clearly moving farther away from ballads (though I'm sure she'll still have them on her new album). It's clear that Demi has no plans on selling out to fake music, because just in this song, we can hear how much she means what she's saying.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revamped Acts

When Allison Iraheta placed 4th on the eighth season of American Idol, it didn't stop her from making an album that kicked butt. Just Like YOu came out in 2009, and was predictably amazing, with a fantastic pop-rock vibe. Notable songs include Friday I'll Be Over YouScars, and D is for Dangerous. Whatever one may have called her then, her new direction isn't that. Now that she's formed a new band (called Halo Circus), she has a new, very intense rock sound to go with it. It isn't heavy, but it is definitely tough and loud - yet with her versatile voice and very cool hair, the songs aren't cliched and don't sound like every other rock band out there. Dazed and Confused and Out of Love are two samples of her work - but Guns In Our Hands, while lighter on the Instrumental, is no less intense. The new Allison is not for the faint eared.

In 2006, an artist with a beautifully elegant voice by the name of Holly Brook released a sweet, if somewhat boring, album. However, come 2011, she became Skylar Grey, a singer who showcased her sweet voice while making better music. From Invisible (beautiful because of the way she showcases her vocals, but not overly sweet) to Dance Without You (no words) to the satirical C'mon Let Me Ride (ft. Eminem) (funny, and full of attitude and a very clear opinion), Skylar's music is tough, hard, yet her ideas and what she has to say is very clear. Her first album as Skylar Grey is being released this year - just another thing we get to look forward to!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A new kind of K-Pop, a new single, a new album

Apparently, 'tis the season for newness. That's the theme here anyways.
K-Pop. Also known as Korean Pop. Also known as PSY. Also known as electronic, fast, and made to dance to. But it looks like 2013 is a new era for K-Pop to combine

24/7, by 2YOON, takes place in a barnyard. That's point one. But getting back to the actual music, the sound is so shockingly different. It is still quintessentially K-Pop (fun sounding and dancy) but the country influence is undeniable. The duo, Ga Yoon and Ji Yoon (Get it? They're both "Yoons", so "2Yoon"?), are actually from 4minute, but they decided to move away after being inspired by our own Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. It may not be in English, but it's a hit with me! Their EP is called Harvest Moon, and was released a month ago. Another son of theirs, Why Not, has decidedly less of a country influence, but it is definitely not the regular K-Pop. So what do you think of the new K-Pop? Is it something for the future or just a 2Yoon thing?

So Demi Lovato? Her new single is called Heart Attack. It's also being released March 4th. After poor Demi's struggles, it's clear that she must have fantastic song writing material. 17 more days until we hear Demi's new sound. Are you ready for this?

Amelia Lily is absolutely incredible because of her attitude, her sass, and her ability to speak up and say exactly what she wants. Which she does, especially in he single Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got). It's pretty much exactly the kind of person she is. Her album is being released on May 6th, and it will definitely be so Amelia Lily. Hopefully we here in the States will be able to get it - I'm sure it will be too good to miss!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Old Bands Redone for Pop Lovers - and Tich

Everyone in the good ole U.S. of A knows E! as the show that brought us the Kardashians (good? bad? sound off below!), but now it's also the network with a new show called "Chasing the Saturdays", starring a certain five lovely ladies who make kick butt music. My source to this knowledge? The most recent issue of Glamoholic magazine (what a name...) features the Saturdays on the COVER, and the interview is all about their new show and some of their new U.S. music. Their first single What About Us is incredible. It feels more powerful to me than their other songs (though maybe I'm just loving the Los Angeles-esque background and video, reminds me of the time I was at Venice Beach and on the set of Miranda Cosgrove's video Kissin' U The new EP, title Chasing the Saturdays after the show, has What About Us and four additional songs: All Fired Up which sounds more classically Saturdays than What About Us, which I love, but it was nice to have a change. Higher shocked me at first with the electronic opening. It's a very Saturdays signature to play around with electronic stuff, but I felt this song was a bit heavy on the electronic music. The music video, on the other hand, is adorable. FINALLY I can buy Notorious, because it is easily one of my favorite Saturday songs. I'm not sure why, I just love it so much (maybe the whole attitude? Probably). Ego was stronger than Higher, but less than All Fired Up, but I think it's a very good ending song (seeing as it is a bit about ending a relationship, so the tune is a bit goodbye-ish). I'm super excited about what else the Saturdays may have in store for us! Think they'll break America?

Until now, I have resisted dubstep. The electronic squealing, the weird vibe that means instrumental is more important than the voice, the whole general weirdness of it.

Luckily, I think I can count Krewella as dub-pop. Now that I've FINALLY listened to them at the insistence of an extreme dubstep fan, I have to admit myself a convert. Their song Alive is easily my favorite - its also the least dubstep-ish one that I've heard by them, interestingly enough. Krewella is actually pretty well known, so I wouldn't usually present them, but if you blew them off on the basis of their being dubstep, check again! Play Hard actually is a very dubstep song, very screechy and electronic (not a huge fan of that one, as you can tell)but Feel Me is a great song with a killer video. Killin It isn't the best as far as I'm concerned, but it is pretty good! And of course, their clothes are amazing.

Tich. When I first found out that was the name of an artist, I had absolutely no clue as to what they would sound like. Pop? Indie? Rock? Turns out, "they" are a "she", and she came to fame thanks to her covers. Breathe In, Breathe Out is a pretty sweet song of hers, and although it definitely has an instrumental feel, the lyrics and the beat has a pop attitude. And her accent is adorable. Not as great as A*M*E*'s accent (I am a sucker for accents) but it's still great. Dust is sweeter, and sounds less like pop, and more like something else - I'm not sure what. She definitely has those Alicia Keys power notes, but it isn't R&B. Let's just call her a pop beauty and keep listening!