Friday, February 15, 2013

A new kind of K-Pop, a new single, a new album

Apparently, 'tis the season for newness. That's the theme here anyways.
K-Pop. Also known as Korean Pop. Also known as PSY. Also known as electronic, fast, and made to dance to. But it looks like 2013 is a new era for K-Pop to combine

24/7, by 2YOON, takes place in a barnyard. That's point one. But getting back to the actual music, the sound is so shockingly different. It is still quintessentially K-Pop (fun sounding and dancy) but the country influence is undeniable. The duo, Ga Yoon and Ji Yoon (Get it? They're both "Yoons", so "2Yoon"?), are actually from 4minute, but they decided to move away after being inspired by our own Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. It may not be in English, but it's a hit with me! Their EP is called Harvest Moon, and was released a month ago. Another son of theirs, Why Not, has decidedly less of a country influence, but it is definitely not the regular K-Pop. So what do you think of the new K-Pop? Is it something for the future or just a 2Yoon thing?

So Demi Lovato? Her new single is called Heart Attack. It's also being released March 4th. After poor Demi's struggles, it's clear that she must have fantastic song writing material. 17 more days until we hear Demi's new sound. Are you ready for this?

Amelia Lily is absolutely incredible because of her attitude, her sass, and her ability to speak up and say exactly what she wants. Which she does, especially in he single Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got). It's pretty much exactly the kind of person she is. Her album is being released on May 6th, and it will definitely be so Amelia Lily. Hopefully we here in the States will be able to get it - I'm sure it will be too good to miss!

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