Monday, February 25, 2013

Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" Early Release

Despite what I said about her new single being released March 4th, Heart Attack was released about 10 hours ago - and is already in the #1 spot in 9 countries. I know I love it - how about you guys?

I'm very excited to hear Demi's new album. Her new music seems to be more passionate, wilder, and just plain amazing. Although I usually feel iffy about songs that use a lot of electronic sounds, I love that Demi doesn't allow the machines to take over her voice, but rather uses it to make it more dance friendly. I really like how she's clearly moving farther away from ballads (though I'm sure she'll still have them on her new album). It's clear that Demi has no plans on selling out to fake music, because just in this song, we can hear how much she means what she's saying.

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