Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revamped Acts

When Allison Iraheta placed 4th on the eighth season of American Idol, it didn't stop her from making an album that kicked butt. Just Like YOu came out in 2009, and was predictably amazing, with a fantastic pop-rock vibe. Notable songs include Friday I'll Be Over YouScars, and D is for Dangerous. Whatever one may have called her then, her new direction isn't that. Now that she's formed a new band (called Halo Circus), she has a new, very intense rock sound to go with it. It isn't heavy, but it is definitely tough and loud - yet with her versatile voice and very cool hair, the songs aren't cliched and don't sound like every other rock band out there. Dazed and Confused and Out of Love are two samples of her work - but Guns In Our Hands, while lighter on the Instrumental, is no less intense. The new Allison is not for the faint eared.

In 2006, an artist with a beautifully elegant voice by the name of Holly Brook released a sweet, if somewhat boring, album. However, come 2011, she became Skylar Grey, a singer who showcased her sweet voice while making better music. From Invisible (beautiful because of the way she showcases her vocals, but not overly sweet) to Dance Without You (no words) to the satirical C'mon Let Me Ride (ft. Eminem) (funny, and full of attitude and a very clear opinion), Skylar's music is tough, hard, yet her ideas and what she has to say is very clear. Her first album as Skylar Grey is being released this year - just another thing we get to look forward to!

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