Friday, March 15, 2013

Skitszo Part 3

Why have I taken so long to review this EP? I have such mixed feelings over it. Unlike the first EP, which I loved, and the second EP, which I most certainly did not love, I can't really split these songs into distinct sections of "good" and "not good". Still - here's what I think!

When it comes to rap music in general, here's what I think - either I know it, like it, and and dance to it, or it sounds like every other rap song in the universe. I'm a pretty strict judge about it too. Colette's first song is rap - it's like she heard my complaints about the pop in Skitszo Part 2, and made a track that IS rap. Can't Touch This is a VERY classic rap track. So classic in fact, that I'm pretty sure that if one of the more well-known male rappers did it, I would consider it generic. It isn't a great song song to dance to, but it is a fun one to listen to. So I do like listening to it, but the reason I do is because it sounds more unique because she is female. It's a hard truth.

Never Gonna Happen (the music video is being released soon) isn't as good. It starts off a bit weirdly, and the chorus, as far as I'm concerned, is weird and just not good. Thank goodness for the rapped lyrics. It isn't that I don't like her voice - when she sings the bridge, I think it's pretty good, but the chorus has a weird background music and she sings in a weird's just a group of things that don't work out. I really did want to like it because it's rapping and singing, which I love, but the chorus tune and lyrics just don't work out for me.

One By One starts off with a fantastic beat, a silly and poser sounding "Yee" and then dives into the rap. And Boom - there you've got a Colette Classic. The chorus is sung, and unlike Never Gonna Happen, it isn't unpleasant or overdone. It's a very simple chorus, and very catchy. This song is fantastic. It's really fun and is definitely more like her old stuff. Definitely one of the better songs that she's released, from beginning to end.

The very beginning of this song is so typical to a rap song, and the rest of The Finest Things has a really great rap beat that isn't too generic or boring, and it is once again woven with Colette's typical lyrics and attitude. I can easily picture her performing this one in a music video or live. I have a never ending contest in my mind as to which one is the best song of the EP - this or One By One. If you don't like plain rap without a pop aspect at all, then this might not be for you. But the electronic beats and great lyrics are worth a listen.

So far, I'm a bit scared that I'm becoming the dreaded old-school fan. That is, that fan who like the artist in "the old days" with their first music, and gets grumpy whenever they go into a new direction. I do like it when Colette doesn't go to far into the rap or pop realm best, but instead sticks to what she's good at. I'm hoping she'll stay the same or go one way or another - bridging and trying to cross the worlds of pop and rap is very difficult, and she'll have to work and decide what she wants for her audience.

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