Thursday, March 21, 2013

News from Natalia and...

We have a Problem. Natalia Kill's new song that goes by that very name, at first listen, is very grungy, scratchy sounding, and sort of weird. But if you listened to her first single from her new upcoming album Trouble called Controversy, then you'll see that it is totally in line with her new style. I'm going to end up buying the album because it's so unique and she isn't making an effort to be unusual - she's being herself. I usually wouldn't rate this song well, but Natalia is just so...irresistible. Imagine her last album...and now add some really weird autotune effects. Oh - and a weirdly catchy chorus, despite being repetitive. The thing about her style is that she uses a beat that can be dancy, and then she adds something weird on topp of it, and somehow it ends up being really great. However does she do it?

With good looks and an angelic voice, Travis Garland shouldn't be able to fail. His song Where to Land ft. III isn't a song that I would normally buy (can't dance to it) but it's very good anyways. It's a nice one just to listen to, and not have to move. Interestingly enough, if I listened to Neighbor without being told who sang, I would thing it was somebody completely different. Not all of his songs are fantastic, but luckily they're up for free download on his site here. Would you buy it if you had to pay?

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