Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pop to Buy

As ya'll know, I'm not a fan of featuring artists that are well known, unless they are releasing a new album. That is literally, the one reason I didn't feature Queen of Hearts. I thought, "well, everyone knows her, her EP has been out for a while". Wrong (sadly). She doesn't have very many songs up on youtube, but luckily one of those is Shoot the Bullet. It has under 13,000 views, and it was only when I saw that and that she doesn't have a Wikipedia page that I realized that Queen of Hearts must be publicized. So here she is guys! She has one EP on US iTunes, The Arrival, and it's only 5 bucks. Worth the money!

Yes, he has pink hair. Yes, he has loads of mascara and eyeliner. That's Jeffree Star! His next album, Prom Night is coming out this spring and I am SO excited. The first single is, predictably, Prom Night and I love it, which hints to the amazing stuff coming up when that album is released. It's incredibly dancy and poppy, and sounds like something you would play at prom. (What a coincidence...) I'm so excited guys!

Swag List
Hedley - Perfect
Emily Osment - All the Way Up
Avril Lavigne - What the Hell
Cimorelli - Million Bucks
Hot Chelle Rae - Honestly

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