Monday, March 19, 2012

First Success

I feel so bad for not posting for two weeks! Of course, I was away with no internet connection...anyway, here's a deluxe post!

First. As a girl living in the U.S., often I have no chance to listen to great UK artists besides Youtube. Personally I think we should have a petition that all artists released in Europe are released in America as well, because I am pitying myself and other people sick of listening to the same seven songs on every single radio station. Sooo (I am getting to my point) when, in Israel with my school, Hot Right Now by DJ Fresh Ft. Rita Ora played over the speakers at H&M and I FREAKED. In a good way. I actually started dancing on the spot and didn't even stop when my friend gave me a death glare, I was that happy! Anyone reading from the UK won't care, but since that song isn't known here at all, that was cool.

So. I try to make it a point to feature artists not known in the US. But now I have to stray. Because the truth is, Karmin is known here. There are millions of views on each of their videos, not all from America, but still. Yet, when Teen Vogue wrote about them, I knew I had to feature them. Teen Vogue only features artists shooting up, who always get the #1 spot. They featured Ellie Goulding, Christina Perri, Greyson Chance, fun., and Dev and WAY more a few months before that artist shot to fame. So while I have the chance when they aren't playing across the nation, I'll post about them. Their voices are naturally good, which is AWESOME and they know their vocal limits as well. Crash Your Party is a great song, and I honestly can't decide between it and Brokenhearted. The thing is, although they have been on the radio, when I type "Karmin" into billboards website, there is absolutely no record of them as an artist. Also: their next album comes out on my friend's birthday, April 24th this year, called Hello. Cheers!

You know that frustrating time when this great artist is in between albums, or just released a promo single? Yeah, I got that. So here I give you Megan Nicole, with her single B-e-a-utiful. This girl has a super strong voice, and if you listen to her covers, especially when she does Who Says with Tiffany Alvord, one can't help but be impressed.

The same thing with Megan and Liz. I loved Princess Charming so much, and this period of having just an EP is frustrating. Well, if you didn't hear of these two, go ahead and listen.

Swag List
Six D - Best Damn Night
RedLight - Get Out Of My Head
Natalia Kills - Broke (Version1)
Steps - It's the Way You Make Me Feel
Stooshe - Love Me ft. Travie McCoy

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