Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I really hope that everyone is in the mood for some of that goodness pretty boy pop from wherever! I have loved them so much because they were the FIRST cute boy band I've seen without gelled hair, but have the same sound as the ones with crunchy hair. For fans of Bruno Mars and New Boyz, whose Better with the Lights Off is I think HIGH-LARIOUS because of that lyric...(what does it even mean?). So I think that their collaboration with Dev was genius, so I'm just gonna give you the video here - clickclickclick. The only problem is that with their whole stylized Jonas brothers thing going, they sort of seem like jerks...but the music doesn't reflect that, so play on!

If you like Britney Spears, then I get your style. Myah Marie has such a familiar style that it's almost scary, like clones, bu their style is SO DIFFERENT. Myah has a song full of swear words and dirty thoughts. Stilleto Sex is strictly PG-13, so remember that before you purchase Britney lovers! I Like It Loud is far less provocative but no less bouncy and Myah Marie style. A fan said of this song, and a direct quote from youtube, "The looks of Demi Lovato and the sound of Britney Spears and attitude of Nicki Minaj; can't go wrong :D" I know when I'm moving to the beat that it's a winner, and Myah Marie has a gold trophy.

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