Sunday, November 27, 2011

For all those Beyonce lovers, here's someone to add to your undoubtedly already full library. Make way for Mutya Buena. Mutya is GORGEOUS first of all. That always helps. But even more beautiful is her voice. Honestly, Beyonce is more soothing music for me, I don't listen to her a lot. But Mutya is so good, I just listened to her so much like for a week. So that's why she's here. She also used to be in the Sugababes, who will definitely post about later. I had a really hard time choosing songs, but I'm going to give you Wonderful, it's amazing.

On the other side of the pop spectrum in Anjulie. I am personally a big fan of hers, and I love her song Brand New Bitch. I almost want to hack into Billboards system to announce this song to be number one, because it so deserves that sweet spot. Go Anjulie!

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