Sunday, November 27, 2011

An interesting trend that I've seen with some friends, a magazine and other blogs. Believe it or not, K-pop! Yup. As it turns out, I like K-pop. I'm not a worshiper like some people I know, but the singers always have sweet voices and are literally a genre of their own.

If anyone heard of K-pop at all, probably of the Wonder Girls. They have multiple songs in English (yay!) and got featured in Teen Vogue at one point. My personal favorite of theirs is Nobody, really catchy tune. Loooove it!

So I'm featuring two girl groups. But just because it's K-pop! I like the female K-pop groups better for some reason...the only reason I could ever NOT like Girls Generation is because they only have one song in English, which disappoints me. But they are so good, they will definitely have more. That one English song is The Boys and its so good, and the music video is really well made too. Actually, something important about Girl's Generation: there's nine of them, and somehow they fit every single one of them in the song equally. I just have to say, that is really impressive.

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