Sunday, November 20, 2011

I wasn't planning to do anybody who was a comeback, but obviously I should not narrow myself. Aqua has come back as a comeback with a new album called Megalomania. The thing about Aqua is that Lene Nystrom has a bit of an annoying voice, but the songs are so good that it honestly doesn't matter. Sucker For A Superstar is most like their old stuff, and although this album isn't as awesome, that song in particular is.

Kay, a Canadian rap/pop artist is making me really happy. She's only released one song, My Name Is Kay, which in the chorus reminds me of the Ting Tings but she is infinitely better than them. She's also not a cliche rapping thing like a lot of other wannabe's and her mixing of genre's is great.

I think my figuring out how to link things five seconds ago merits a celebration in the form of Cory Lee. I'm not going to even bother to pick out a song. She's that good. There isn't too much there, but Best Shot is my recommendation. She's bouncy and while not the most original, it's good.

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