Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Album Announcements

I don't think it is possible to express how much I love Natalia Kills. I don't think it's possible to express how much I believe everyone else should also love Natalia Kills. At first appearance of her makeup and clothing, on may compare her to Jessie J or even Taylor Momsen, when in truth, her music is extraordinarily different. Her attitude definitely has a hardcore twist to it, especially with songs like Break You Hard and Mirrors, but on the same album, there are songs like Broke and Heaven. I absolutely adored her first album, titled Perfectionist, and I'm happy to tell you that her second album is coming soon, titled Trouble. The first single is title Controversy, and a preview for it can be found here. This sounds very different from her previous music - the blurry voice sounds like Nadia Oh's song Got your Number, but I have a feeling that the chorus to it will sound clearer and more poppish. No idea what is ahead of us, but in 2013 it looks like Trouble is coming out, so that is very exciting!

I've wanted to do a post on these girls forever! Their only similarities are their ages and the fact that they starred on Disney Channel. But somehow, the three stars have always been linked together, and this year, a third similarity comes in - the release of their fourth albums.

Demi Lovato - We know for sure that Demi is releasing a fourth album. It sounds like it will be far more intense, as she has confirmed that she will not hold back at all on this new album - and we thought Skyscraper was intense! To those who love very deep and heartbreaking songs, definitely look forward to Demi. Besides her intense lyrics, her voice adds a lot of definition to normally soft and even to fluff songs. I call her a contemplative artist - an artist you want to listen to when it's just time to sit and be within music.
Her Best Known Song - Give Your Heart A Break
My Favorite Song - Don't Forget

Miley Cyrus - It's been two years since Miley released her album Can't Be Tamed, and it was very clear what her new face on music is. Previously one with a very bouncy attitude to music, she made large ripples when songs like Can't Be Tamed and Who Owns My Heart came out. Her power over her voice was well demonstrated when she recorded a song for the Amnesty International Album, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, a Bob Dylan cover. Her most recent recording has been when she was featured on Rock mafia's mixtape on the song Morning Sun. Her so far untitled fourth album promises to be very different, as she is working with producer Pharrell Williams, and Cyrus promises the album will have more of a hip hop and electronic sound - which, as we all now, could sound amazing or awful.
Her Best Known Song - Party In The U.S.A.
My Favorite Song - Two More Lonely People

Selena Gomez - Probably the star with the widest demographic, Ms. Gomez has been focusing a lot on movies this past year, but has also confirmed rumors of her fourth album. It also sounds like unlike the previous two, Selena's music will make the least change. As Demi's has gotten more emotional and Miley's less poppish, Selena's music has gotten to have more of a typical pop style, and from what she's said of her her influences and loves (Jason Mraz, Katy Perry, and Parachute) it will be very radio friendly and good for the car. I think her album will come out last, since Miley has been working for a while, as Demi has as well, but Selena has started fairly recently, but they all seem like they will come out late 2013.
Her Best Known Song - Love You Like A Love Song
My Favorite Song - Hit The Lights

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