Friday, September 28, 2012

Boy Band Love, Part One

Before my boy band shpiel, brief interlude: I have to admit I was wrong about an announcement I made. Remember me getting super excited about Colette Carr's album release? Turns out, the story is a wee bit different. Instead, Colette is releasing the songs as she records them, so she's releasing the songs in EP's (with four songs at a time) over a period of time. The first EP releases November 13, and they go on to come out every two months. After all four have been released, on July 9th 2013 (!) the full album will release, with all of the previous released songs, plus four new songs. To wait or not to wait? Well, according to her label,

"We're going to make the album available as fast as she records it. In other words, it'll be available for purchase in 2 weeks and will be delivered in installments (digital EP's) every 2 months. The incentive to buy now involves getting the music first the minute it's done in the studio and a guaranteed physical CD with all of the 4 EPs' songs, 4 additional new songs AND a special gift from Colette."

Well, even without that incentive, I'm buying it as it comes out. Here's the news and a recording of Colette announcing the news herself on Cherrytree Records site here.

Although they are pretty well known for their Nickelodeon show in America, I don't know how much of a household name they are everywhere else. So this means that basically, they're a bunch of random guys shoved together, and make music, but seeing as that's the case, I'm pretty impressed. Watching their videos, the posing is very clear, but if you just listen to the music, songs like City Is Ours and Music Sounds Better ft. Mann, it's easy to like. If you like One Direction, take a listen to this band. I don't listen to Big Time Rush, but if you like 1D, go ahead!

I only have two boybands today, so if you like and trust (well...maybe not TRUST) Perez Hilton, get ready. His band? IM5. They do a lot of NSync covers, and the first one that comes up on Youtube is It's Gonna Be Me. Although all it does is tell us that their voices aren't too bad, they also have an original song called Zero Gravity and feature Bella Thorne on their song Can't Stay Away. What do I think of them? Well...just listen!

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