Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Single and New Female Rappers

Originally, I was going to dedicate this post only to some female rappers on the scene, but all of a sudden I found out that Natalia Kills and Colette Carr each released new singles! So first our better known ladies, and then our new girls to the scene.

So remember my post about Natalia Kills and the preview for her new single Controversy? Well, here's the full version - and I love it! There is definitely no problem of people comparing her to Lady Gaga now. It's a crazy cool song, and the lyrics are intense - but not in a soulful intense way, like a scary, Natalia Kills way. I am super interested in hearing what the rest of her album sounds like, and the developments sound good!

Interestingly enough, I found out about this new song the same day I had decided to do a post on female rappers. Coincidence? Yes. The new song in question is called (B)A$$, and unfortunately, will not be on her upcoming album. It wasn't a fall in love the instant I heard it song, but I do like it a lot, and after one listen, like the rest of Colette's songs, I had to listen again. The thing with Colette is that if you love her pop side, you love her rap side. And I fully embrace my love for everything Colette.

Honestly, I have a list of like, 20 people. Obviously, I'm going to have to cut the list down, so here is my (much edited) list so far.

The most famous on my list is Kreayshawn, and it's mostly an album announcement. Everyone by now has heard Gucci Gucci (that's the kind of flow I love), and not everyone has heard about her new album, titled Somethin' Bout Krey. The single Left Ey3 is a good one, though the link I gave does lead to a tabloid website with an exclusive link to the song.

Becky G, although she shares the same lsat name and looks exactly like Selena Gomez, is no relation. I can't say I like her music, which so far consists of the song Turn The Music Up. Her rap doesn't have a very good rhythm, at least not with the beat behind it, and the lyrics aren't great. Overall, it sounds a bit forced to me, but I am no rap connoisseur. I don't think I'll see her name again, but who knows? The music world is fickle.

Unlike Becky G, I really like Kitty Pryde. Maybe it's the hair, but probably not, since her rhythm is very laid back and relaxed, but at the same time, has that attitude that all laid back rappers have. Okay Cupid is not a title I'd expect to hear from a rapper, but for Kitty, it works, just like her song Justin Bieber, which I really enjoy. Keep an eye on the Kitty, guys.

K. Flay has a pretty good rhythm, but it is very similar to Dev. Similar enough that during the chorus, I had to double check my closed tab to make sure who was listening to. If you like Dev, check out K. Flay's We Hate Everyone. I wouldn't say she's for every Dev fan, but similar enough. In case you like that and Less Than Zero, check out her free mixtape on her website!

I posted about Rye Rye a couple of months ago here, and I would have to say that along with Kitty, she's my favorite on this list. Her music is very typical (at least Dance is) and very receptive to the U.S. audience at least. I couldn't speak for the U.K., but I have a feeling that Rye Rye is a very potential hit.

3D Na'Tee has been around for a while, and it sounds like it too. She isn't well known enough to get more than 6,500 views in 3 months though, like on Youtube for her song No Love, so I figure she could use a boost by being posted about.

Last off are two in one paragraph, because they're a bit "tainted" by pop. First off is Karmin, whose music is mostly pop but injected by rap, and second is Dominique Young Unique, who is the opposite. I enjoy Dominique's song The World Is Mine and Karmin's Hello.

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