Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beats to Adore

If you have to come up with an essential question for a philosophic discussion, ou might want to use this: "Why did I not hear of Tanlines earlier?" I think that anyone who counts themselves as a pop lover could fall in love with this song. Whether your loves also include indie, rap, rock, whatever - the beat of this song has it. If you watch the video for All Of Me while listening, you will definitely think it sounds old fashioned, but without watching, it just sounds like a song perfect for any and every kind of day and situation.

Some artists are in relative obscurity, the hit the random jackpot, a la Carly Rae Jepsen with Call Me Maybe. Some fade into complete obscurity, blogged about once but was never a "thing", a la Kyrah and her song Uh Oh. Then there are those like KASH, who do their thing, then vanish until a new single comes out. What I like about hi is that the music is powerful, but it doesn't wash away his voice. He works with the music instead of using is as an accompaniment, which sounds really good. His song Long Way From Home went on YouTube earlier this month, and is a very mysterious sounding track. If you don't get what I mean, I guess you'll have to listen.

Swag List

A*M*E - Ride Or Die
Saturday, Monday ft. Julia Spada - Headshake
Kristine Elezaj - Warpath
Charlee - Obvious
The Stunners - Bubblegum

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