Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Songs to Anticipate

Whatever Gwen Stefani does on the music scene, so far it's had lots of cheers from pop-lovers. Although only one single from the band No Doubt's new album, Push And Shove has been released (Settle Down), anticipation for the album's release on September 25th hasn't diminished. With eleven songs, the tracklist looks pretty varied, like it could have dance songs right next to softer slower ones as well. Keep No Doubt's album on your "Want List", because from the sound of Settle Down, no matter what the beat is, the album will be amazing.

Although they are certainly not a pop band, I do occasionally post about rock bands, and The Seems are the very definition of American Rock. Based in L.A., so far they only have one song released, called Buysexual, and if you like Classic American rock, it's definitely worth a listen. There isn't any news about an album being released, but since it is on iTunes, future plans are very possible!

Swag List

Jessie J - Domino
Rachel Crow - Mean Girls
Belle Amie - Girls Up
Rock Mafia ft. Miley Cyrus - Morning Sun

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