Monday, June 18, 2012

Pop-ular Singles

Heartbeat by Nina Sky, is, by now, certainly a well known song. All I have to do is publish my love of it. It has a lot of very cool effects, and the whole effect is, the bet word is "mystical". It puts silk scarves and gypsy fortune tellers in my mind, and is definitely easy to get stuck in your head, particularly because of it's top flaw - the lack of lyrics. With this song that isn't necessarily bad, since the tune is so captivating, but don't use it to analyze for English class. Otherwise, hey, it's popular for a reason!

Icona Pop had it's biggest hit published one month ago on Youtube - in a month, their song I Love It has accrued over 262,000 views. It has a great beat, and I have to admit, crosses the line and is in the indie-pop genre, a genre that I am extraordinarily wary of. However, I would say that Icona Pop as an artist is more alternative, so don't count on them if you live bubbly, bouncy pop exclusively. It also isn't a song that one can sing without the music, since the music is most of the tune, but it is a definite buy.

Swag List
Only the Horses - Scissor Sisters
Like a Robot - Aqua
Good Girl - Carrie Underwood
Jane Doe - Rebecca and Fiona
Princess of China - Coldplay ft. Rihanna

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