Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coming Up Albums

If you love electronic, dancy music then check out Kwanza Jones. She's releasing her third album this year, called Supercharged, a name that fits it perfectly. Although the song Supercharged has not been released, a contest to remix it has opened and closed, with the winner here. I absolutely love her song Time To Go, a super dancy and intense song that has a lot of power and would be best blasting from speakers enough to make the ground shake.

I've presented Kat Graham's single Put Your Graffiti On Me several times, and I am proud to give you her EP! It has a mix of different kinds of songs. Wanna Say is more traditional and more commonly found pop, like Put Your Graffiti On Me. Supa Dope sets more of her attitude, and I feel like that is how her future sound will be as well. Heartkiller took me a few listens, but it eventually won me over. Her first real album will be really interesting if her EP is any sign of it!

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