Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Songs

I've found that despite releasing her solo album after splitting from Danity Kane, Dawn Richard isn't as listened to as she deserves to be. She is easily my favorite member of the band, her voice is so unique and definitely helped give the band their signature. That said, onto her new music. She released an EP called Armor On March 27, but it hasn't been noticed much. SMFU (Save Me From You) is a very emotional track, but Bombs shows off her unique voice more. Scripture has a very cool mysterious sound as well. All are amazing though, she has done a great job. Her major project will be a trilogy of EP's - GoldenHeart, BlackHeart, and RedemptionHeart. People say she sounds like Brandy, but Dawn is definitely more R&B.

When I first started to play Young London's single Let Me Go, I groaned inwardly. The very beginning of the song, just the electric beat is so overused that I gave up on them. That was in January, when I first considered announcing their debut album. Well, I decided to listen to them again, but this time go through the whole song. I was again deterred by by the electronic sound, and to be honest, wasn't very moved by Matt's start. But when Sarah came in, I got really excited. Not just because it isn't easy finding halfway decent boy-girl bands where both both sing, but because their voices work so well together. About 50 replays later, I've memorized the words and I'm exploring other songs of theirs, such as Celebrity (which sounds a bit like Right Round by Flo Rida) and New Reputation. What I really love is that they have multiple sounds, like Celebrity is completely different from Let Me Go. I don't know when their second album is coming out, but I can't wait!

If you don't know, I'm telling you now: I love Colette Carr. Love, love, love her. And I have been playing her new song Like I Got a Gun everywhere. Seriously, I got out of a final and my friend announced "Guys, if you want to study then go away, she's gonna play that song again!" I still don't know when Skitzso is coming out, but I'm trying to find out! And if you haven't, listen AND watch the video to No I.D., it is great.

Swag List
Tatana ft. Natalia Kills - You Can't Get In My Head (If You Don't Get In My Bed)
Rita Ora - How We Do (Party)
Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jagger
Green Day - Good Riddance
Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day

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