Sunday, June 17, 2012

Albums to Hear

When both I, my dad, and my little sister approve of a song, that's a sign that its all around great. Her voice is really good, her songs are bouncy and dancy and have everything one could want from pop music. And not only are her tempos upbeat, but her lyrics are great. They are incredibly powerful and emotional, and it hearkens to a time of nineties rock, when artists wrote their own songs that were important to them. Her EP, Rebel is just out, and if her songs Follow UR Heart and Captive are any sign, the whole thing will be amazing. Look it up, I am truly excited. Oh yeah, did I mention? Her EP came out two days ago!

Unlike Teesa, Cheryl Cole is not knew, and is probably well known to all of you. Her third album A Million Lights is coming out the 18th in the UK, and it promises to be good! Her song Under the Sun is pretty good, and Call My Name is well known by now. I'm really looking forward to its release, and I hope you guys keep your heads up for her! She probably won't release in the U.S., making me pity myself, but thank goodness for Youtube, right?

Swag List

I My Me Mine - 4Minute
We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
Give Your Heart A Break - Demi Lovato
Honestly - Hot Chelle Rae
Walking On Air - Kerli

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