Sunday, October 7, 2012

Music to Sample

Ton anyone who still remembers Ke$ha, snaps to you. That is quite impressive, since Tik Tok was when - 2009? Anyways, I totally thought she was done. Sure, there were a few demo recordings, and that thing she did for Amnesty International - a cover of Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. Surprise! Her second (wow, only second? Eek.) full length album is coming out the 4th of December, titled Warrior. I figure a lot of people figure Ke$ha isn't "real" pop (whatever that means) and while it is true that she doesn't have a lot of vocal power and her voice is not the standpoint when she performs live, she has delivered songs that are dancy and catchy. Car songs and karaoke songs, which is enough for me to take interest. So it's good to see that her single Die Young delivers. There is definitely less auto tune involvement here - a theme which, apparently, will continue throughout her album. She also said it's going to be more 70's, a sound which is very different from today's sound but also sometimes similar. Either way, it will be very Ke$ha.

I'm going to update a pop announcement I made long ago (that is, six months ago, which is practically a decade in the pop industry) about Cinnamon Girl. I did a little tidbit about her here, and I recently found out that not only does she have three singles now, two are available for free download. Weeeee! First is the aforementioned Friends. I thought it was chaotic then, and I still think the same now. I definitely prefer her song Now I Know. What I think is interesting is that even though her music has a lot of pop in it, her intricate voice makes everything seem like it was done by Florence and the Machine. As someone who is unable to sing, her voice dazzles me too much to think about it. Devil In Me is easily my favoriteJeffree though. It is undoubtedly amazing pop with just enough electric interference to be dancy and singable at the same time. I'm so glad I don't have to let go of $1.29 to have it for myself!

Note: I don't know why I named this Swag List. Don't worry, the now renamed Songs for Today is still the same thing - music I've just been listening to lately!

Songs for Today

Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer
Sinead O' Connor - The Wolf Is Getting Married
Alexis Jordan - Laying Around With You
Natalia Kills - Mirrors
Simon Curtis - Joystick

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