Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boy Bands, Part III

Funny that I recently did a post about K-Pop. Here's a pretty good boy band that definitely does not sing in English, but they're good enough to go on the list. I love their song I Love You Girl, and while You're So Hot isn't quite as good, this P-pop (Phillipine-pop) band impresses me. Quite a bit.

I guess you could say At Sunset is very similar to a lot of other boy bands, but their sound is slightly different, more acoustic I would say. I would have to say their music is fairly good, with the song This Is Who I Am in mind. Although the rest of their videos are covers, hopefully they'll record something new, since I think they're pretty good.

If I had to choose one thing about boy bands that drove me crazy, the answer would be that they are always so stylized! What's worse is that it is so obvious! That's probably the #1 reason finding the band Before You Exit was such a relief. I also like how the bandmates are younger, and it's very apparent in their voices, making their music sound slightly different, even when doing covers. They also use more autotune effects than other boy bands, but still retain that dancy quality we love so much. they have a lot of covers on their channel, but their song End Of The World is a good example of their work. Some of their other songs are Guess I'll Be The One, Brick Wall, and Taken Away

I hope you guys liked the Boy Band posts!

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