Monday, July 30, 2012

Listen Up!

It's month old news at this point, but after realizing that not everyone constantly searches "Cady Groves" in Google, and therefore not everyone may know about her single Love Actually. MTV blogged and called it the song of their summer (mine too!) here. I can't wait for her album if this is the stuff that's on it. Meanwhile, listen to Real With Me and IDGAF to fall further in love.

Rejoice. There is a new song mash-up out there, and with two wonderful artists, Natalia Kills and Marina and the Diamonds. It's called Radioactive Mirrors, and is, as one may guess, a combo of Mirrors and Radioactive. How cool is it? Whoever made this knew what they were doing! You can't buy it, as far as I know, but as long as you have internet connection, hey. It's there for you.

Swag List

Sibel - I'm Sorry
Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up
Greyson Chance - Unfriend You
Jasmine Villegas - Didn't Mean It
Little Mix - Wings

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