Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ark Music Factory - have they succeeded?

I don't know if my beloved international readers have Ark in your countries, but I'm sure you all know what it is - probably thanks to Rebecca Black. A lot of people now associate Ark with bad pop music, as I did. But I decided to plunge into Ark waters (I know, going all investigative reporter here) and see if there were any diamonds in the rough.

Abby Victor - The song Ark released for her was a terrific failure, to cut straight to the point. I really feel the song is on the same level as Friday. In case you're curious, it's called Crush On You. I can't say I like Storybook any better. Sorry, this one's a miss.

Devin Fox - I really enjoy the Brocks's Dub, (here) but that's it. Hooked On You.

Alana Lee - For the first 30 seconds, I wasn't a fan, but I really love the chorus. It has had a really positive reaction, so hey - that's something, right? I don't like her electronic edits though, she would sound better without those. Butterflies is worth a listen.

Kaya - Got one! While she isn't a diamond for the music world as a whole, she is a diamond for Ark, and a find as a whole. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind is pretty good, but if you want to hear hear without autotune (she's good) then go to her channel here.

Kellie Luvella - I'd have to give a thumbs up (on Ark rating). First let me say, I'm pretty sure no label uses "boy" as a lyric as much as Ark does. In the beginning of the song she has an awkward electronic blip, and she looks unnervingly like Ke$ha, but it goes uphill from there. The chorus to Down isn't catchy enough to sing, but enough to bounce in your seat in the car to. You can hear the autotune and that she sings off tune without it, but with musical accompaniment she isn't bad.

Madison Bray - The first few words, besides being autotuned enough to sound like a robot, are "I know you think I'm just a young girl singing". That is exactly what she sounds like in Girl Swag.

Lexi St. George - Diamond found! As the comments report, Dancing to the Rhythm is easily the best song Ark has made. For the first few seconds her mildly nasally voice bothered me, but the song gets better! This is a real diamond here!

Ellie Soufi - The awful thing is that, I feel like if the label and the tune was different Hysterical could be a good song. But it was written by the same guy who wrote Friday, so...

J'Rose - I suppose the idea is lovely. But a video sung by an adorable 8-year-old seems weird and ineffective and frankly, failed. Mean Kids.

Britt Rutter - Why is she singing about shopping when her boyfriend is cheating on her? Without Your Love

Ariana Dvornik - I love her name. But besides that, this is good enough to be charted, in my humble opinion. A true diamond. Fly Away.

Hush - I like their song! The thing is, it isn't perfect, and is a bit uncoordinated, but Hypnotize Me is a good song! Except for the random guy rapping...

Diamonds - Alana Lee, Kaya, Lexi St. George, Ariana Dvornik, and Hush. Looks like Ark passes after all!

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