Monday, February 27, 2012

I posted about her earlier, but now that her NINTH album is out, I'm going to repeat this. Sinead O'Connor, my favorite artist for as long as I've lived, is known pretty much in the older generation and those who were raised on her, in the States at least. It's called How About I Be Me (And You be You)?. My favorite however, is a song that was heard by many Americans, but not identified by many. From the movie The Waterhorse, Sinead sang Back Where You Belong, which played during the credits. It is a beautiful song, and I'm so proud of her!

Girl Talk isn't a recent song of Ultraviolet Sound's, but I'm putting it up for a few reasons. One: Their name is just so great, I've known I had to put them up. Two: This song is so true! I like songs that aren't necessarily about love, but are still relatable. So this song, which is very electronic, is, in my opinion, a great study song. Not a dance song, but more of something that's good for background.

BONUS: I already have five songs for my Swag List, i just want to give a short shout-out to Allison Iraheta and her song Friday I'll Be Over U. And to her great hair.

Swag List
Elise Estrada - These Three Words
Mia Martina - Latin Moon
Alyssa Reid - The Game
Fefe Dobson - Stuttering
Fun. ft. Janelle Monae - We Are Young

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