Monday, February 13, 2012

Shane Harper is releasing his debut album tomorrow! Not because its Valentine's Day, but because its his birthday. I especially love One Step Closer, but that tune is suspiciously familiar...Of course, the album is called Shane Harper since its a debut album, but Shane has some really great stuff going on, and I am pumped for this.

If you're looking for an artist with a beautiful voice, look straight at Yasmin.  I like her song Finish Line, and even though she could really do better song-wise, her voice is just so beautiful without being a ballad. So what can I say?

Swag list:
Pia Toscano - This Time
Aatyn Doyle - What It Takes
Nadine Coyle - Insatiable
Cheryl Cole - The Flood


  1. Shane Harper's song One Step Closer used to be played in Hollister in the UK, that may be where you've heard it from.
    Just pointing out that Insatiable should have charted so much higher than it did, it is a great pop song, but not many bought it due to it being released when the X Factor was on, which meant that every performer on the show got a top 10 charting almost automatically. [rant over.]

  2. Well, I'm not in the UK, so that's not it. You are SO right about Insatiable though. It's a great song!