Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Colette Carr - Skitszo Part 2

I was SO excited when I downloaded this. Once it was safely in my iTunes library, I took the opportunity to listen to the whole EP once through. Then again. And again. While the last E.P. was definitely more rap oriented, this is not only more pop like, it's also...gentler? Let's put it like this - F16 was Colette's first video where there was this whole story about her being happy with a guy, then they broke up. It was definitely less unusual than her other stuff, and this new EP has a style that definitely fits the whole songs-are-amessaeg-to-someone thing. Here'e my review.

Hearsay - I was very surprised when I heard this. It starts off with a bit of an electronic thing, and when she first started to sing, I could swear it sounded ever so slightly like the beginning of Ke$ha's song Blow. Not really, but enough that from now on when I listen to that I will think of the Ke$ha song. My first impression was how different it was from her other music. It is totally like other music, and I can't see any Colette signature on it at ALL. I can barely picture her singing this, and while it isn't horrible, I'm not too impressed with Colette on this one. It gets better toward the end, but I don't think her voice is powerful enough to sing another song like this very well.

Why Are You Leaving? - The first minute of this, I hated it. Not because of the tune. But because the opening lyrics are as follows:
"Why? Oh why, are you leaving, when I desperately need you? Why, oh why are you leaving? I guess I will not know."
This repeated, but sounded a bit odd with a repeated "you". There was then a soft rapped lyric, which was far more like the Colette that we all know. This sequence then repeated, with a short interruption but a mystery rapper (who turned out to be Kev Nish of Far East Movement). Anyways, despite the awful lyric that keeps getting repeated, this song has rather grown on me. I do like how she intersperses rapping with the singing, which sounds better than I would have expected.

I Love Kev Nish - Easily my favorite song on the EP. Interestingly enough, it's also the rap one. It is very Colette, and I'm glad to hear another song that has such a Colette Signature, including that part that snaps "Are you even listening? You aren't even f*cking listening!". Naturally, this song is the shortest (grrrrr) and ends way too soon.

Racking Up - I hate the chorus. Love the rest of the lyrics. I think her rapping is fabulous - it isn't scary fast so that you can't understand it (read: I can attempt to sing along) but the chorus is repetitive and irritating.

Overall, I am pretty disappointed with this EP. Colette tries to have more of the worlds of pop and rap (getting classically pop like on Why Are You Leaving and Hearsay, but trying to do the repeated chorus like Lil' Jon, Snoop Lion and 2Chainz) but her attempts just create weak music. I don't think I'll be listening to thiis one - Although I probably will have I love Kev Nish on repeat.

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