Monday, January 9, 2012

In the mood for something different, I decided to re-listen to Kerli. Well. Although her videos are incredibly creepy and terrifying, her songs are different, falling into the sub-genre goth-bubblegum. It's actually incredibly difficult to choose my favorite song, but I tend to lean towards Army of Love. Although that's all the way back from 2010 - so old, right? I heard she was coming out with a new album for 2012. So exciting!

Guess who came out recently? The long ago spoken of Rita Ora! I still don't get the style choice in the video, but okay. She has a lower voice than you would expect, but the song is very cool and bouncy. In your mind you can just see a really cool dance going on - its one of those songs. Or a song that you would randomly sing to impress someone, and it definitely has the award of legitimate potential to shoot up the charts, even though it's only 69 cents on iTunes now. But look at Hot Right Now, it truly is worth it.

As an apology for being so long, thanks to finals, I include a third artist. Although I feel like this also belongs on my newly invented Swag List, I have to put Charice as an artist down here. She's been around since 2005, so she really is known, but it took her a while to finally get out her second album, and with her second single Louder and her first was Before It Explodes, which, being written by Bruno Mars, I think is very sweet, yet it has a ring like his songs. Her new album will be called Infinity, and I'm so excited!

Explanation of my new addition to posts: Swag List. Randomly I will re-find old songs that I had long forgotten, or I'll hear a song that I haven't heard before that came from a band long split up. What I personally have been listening to and thinking about. I'm starting with five a list, and lets see how that goes.

Swag List:
Kristina Debarge - Goodbye
Hey Monday - Homecoming
Aloha From Hell - Don't Gimme That
P!nk - F**kin Perfect
Colette Carr - Back It Up

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