Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Becky G's new single, The New Futures, and Popularity

Finally another one! It seems like Becky is really getting into the rhythm of releasing singles, and this one is just as good, albeit different, from her other stuff. She still raps, then sings the chorus, but the beat is very different from her previous stuff. What I like best is that while the music definitely leans more to more mainstream music, but she still keeps her old rap style (meaning lyrics that aren't "typical" but not too weird either). I also love that she continues to keep her heritage in her videos, and even though this song isn't about that, the video is. The song is very catchy, and definitely fun to (try) to sing along to. I do think they autotuned it a bit weirdly - not so she sounds electronic, her voice just sounds a bit higher and...off. Still though. All I have to say is Play It Again.

If you're a fan of Alt-Rock as well as Pop, then I definitely have a new band to satisfy you. The New Futures are VERY new. As in, the only way to hear their music is to a) buy their debut single on iTunes or listen to three songs on their website. You're welcome. The only song that has been released, and therefore their debut single, is Sunshine (which is funny because they're from Seattle), and I definitely recommend it. The song has a grungy sound, but not so much that it alienates pop lovers. It just adds a lot of edge and makes it sound very cool. Ocean is less intense, and though it definitely has a nineties influence, it is more modern. Story is the third song, and from the opening it's easy to tell that it is the most mellow of the three. I'm not usually a fan of mellow songs, but this one is pretty good. Out of the three I would say Ocean is the best, but all of them are good enough to be worth checking out!

To be honest, Ariana Grande always bothered me as a singer. Not just because she was weirdly orange in one of her videos, but none of her songs really seemed genuine. They were just...wrong.

Well, I don't know how well she connects to the theme of getting back at popular kids who bullied less popular ones, but her collaboration with MIKA, called Popular Song is all about that. And I love it. J'adore. Te Amo. First of all, I love sorta dark creepy things that are reminiscent of haunted houses, but I love and own and constantly listen to the soundtrack of Wicked. So when the pair sang a verse from Glinda's song Popular, I loved it even more. Even better - the beat is catchy and the lyrics are great. Really, I  just love everything about it.

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