Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Found Pop

She's growing pretty quickly, but I just want to bring Carishma to your attention. She's an American artist, and her latest single is called Glow in the Dark. Its a really sweet song - not super dancy, but not chill and relaxed either. I would definitely put it in Easy Listening, because it is so pleasant to listen to. Her debut album is set for this summer, and if Glow in the Dark and Keep Hangin On are any sign, it should be pretty varied and interesting.

I'm pretty sure that in making Our Song Comes On, Kristina Maria had a true artist's dream fulfilled - she got a curious listener singing along immediately. While not at a party bus level, I can see this playing loudly in car speakers. It's one of those songs that you sing with your friends when it plays, and I'll be testing that to see how it goes with my friends.

I already featured her a while ago, but i just listened to Starshell's song Bad News. I like it way better than SuperLuva, and I think it shows that she has more potential than the stuff she's been making.

Swag List
Black Heart - Stooshe
When She Was Mine - Lawson
How We Do (Party) - Rita Ora
Diamonds - Starboy Nathan
Brokenhearted Razor N Guido Remix - Karmin

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